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Killing Me Softly

  1. Also Sprach Zarathustra
  2. Send In The Clowns
  3. Killing Me Softly With His Song
  4. Ben
  5. Last Tango In Paris
  6. The Summer Is Coming
  7. Love Theme from "Lady Sings The Blues"
  8. Seesaw
  9. Try Again
  10. Night Sounds
  11. Living Together, Growing Together
  12. Don't Ask Me Why
Ferrante & Teicher: Killing Me Softly  (United Artists)
About this album: 

Lp recorded May 24-25, 1973 except "Last Tango In Paris" which was recorded on February 9, 1973.

Produced by George Butler
Arranged by Ferrante & Teicher
Recorded at National Recording Studio, N.Y., N.Y.
Recording Engineer: Frank Kulaga
"Last Tango In Paris" arranged by Nick Perito and recorded at T.T.G., Inc., Recording Studios, Los Angeles, Calif. Engineer: Ami Hadani
Solo on "Love Theme From Lady Sings The Blues" by Lois Winter
Ferrante & Teicher With Their Orchestra
Ferrante & Teicher Play Baldwin Pianos
Cover Painting by Peter Green
Album Design by Lloyd Ziff
Art Direction by Mike Salisbury


Lp (stereo): United Artists UA-LA118-F
8-Track (Quad): United Artists UA-DA118-H
CD: Vocalion CDLK 4491 (2-on-1 with In A Soulful Mood)

Doug's comments: 

In the late-1970s, I discovered Ray Conniff while combing through my father's collection of reel-to-reel tapes. I passed over a dozen tapes before the cover girl of Young At Heart caught my eye.

Ferrante & Teicher's Killing Me Softly in QuadrasonicMy first experience with Ferrante & Teicher was similar. Sometime during the 1970s, my father graduated from open reels to 8-tracks. He must have gotten a great deal on Reader's Digest tapes because he sure had a lot of them. One Hawaiian album is bad enough but who buys a box set? Fortunately, I found something a bit more "cool" in his 8-track storage case: Ferrante & Teicher's Killing Me Softly with "quadrasonic" sound!

Then one day I heard a radio station broadcast of the title song in stereo and it sounded awful, as if I was hearing only half the music. Years later I found the stereo Lp and I still feel it is much weaker than the original quad mix I heard as a kid. If anyone has transferred the four discrete channels of the 8-track to DVD, please let me know! I’d love to hear it again.

The sequence of songs was a bit different on the two channels of the quad 8-track:

  1. Killing Me Softly With His Song / The Summer Is Coming / Night Sounds / Ben / Don’t Ask Me Why / Last Tango In Paris (total time 18:25)
  2. Try Again / Seesaw / Send In The Clowns / Love Theme From “Lady Sings The Blues” / Also Sprach Zarathustra / Living Together, Growing Together (total time 18:23)