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The Ferrante & Teicher page was created in late 2013 to help me organize my collection of records and CDs. Although I’ve been a casual fan for more than 35 years, it took building this site for me to take the time to study the careers of Ferrante & Teicher.

I began the project with most of the compact discs and perhaps a third of the original albums listed in the discography. I purchased another couple dozen albums — mostly overpriced, monaural records in flea market condition — and listened to them as I read and carefully typed the liner notes for the discography. My main interest is the prepared piano recordings from the 1950s but I enjoy many of their later works also.

There doesn’t appear to be much interest in Ferrante & Teicher these days, even among “beautiful music” enthusiasts. I’m moving on to other projects but will make updates and corrections to this site as they are brought to my attention. I can be reached at

- Doug Mitchell, January 2014