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Great 1970s Motion Picture Themes

  1. Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues"
  2. Theme From "Shaft"
  3. Theme From "Summer Of '42"
  4. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex... But Were Afraid To Ask (Love Theme)
  5. Can You Read My Mind (Love Theme From "Superman")
  6. Theme From "Heaven Can Wait"
  7. Theme From "A Clockwork Orange"
  8. Diamonds Are Forever
  9. Theme From "Oh, God!"
  10. Theme From "Mahogany" (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
  11. Last Tango In Paris
  12. Pieces Of Dreams
  13. Fiddler On The Roof
  14. I want To Spend My Life With You (Love Theme From The Motion Picture "Paper Chase")
  15. Let It Be
  16. The Late Show
Ferrante & Teicher: Great 1970s Motion Picture Themes ()
About this album: 

Compilation of United Artist tracks released in 2001. Features several recordings not reissued on other CDs.

Mastered by: Bob Norberg at Capitol Mastering
Produced for reissue by Scott W. Smith
Produced by: Dr. George Butler
All arrangements by: Ferrante & Teicher
Recorded at: National Sound - NYC and T.T.G - Hollywood
Engineers: Don Hahn and Frank Kulaga
Project Manager: Kenny Nemes
Project Coordinator: Kimm Killebrew
Creative Direction: Sam Gay
Art Direction & Design: Peter Grant
All photos courtesy of: The Scott W. Smith Collection
Liner notes by: Scott W. Smith
A&R Administration: Christopher Clough
Production: Bryan Kelley
Licensing: Steven Weatherby

Ferrante & Teicher play Baldwin SD-10 concert grand pianos  / Eletric piano, harpsichord and fender rhodes

Ferrante & Teicher and Scott W. Smith's special thanks to: Kenny Nemes, Tonya Sanders, Sam Gay, Tricia Deaton, John Ray and Paul Atkinson


CD: Capitol 72435-30518-2-2

Liner notes: 

It is quite safe to state, without fear of contradiction, that Ferrante & Teicher are the world’s foremost instrumental interpreters of cinema music and have reigned in that capacity for FOUR decades! Little did Ferrante & Teicher know that their 1960 recordings of the theme from THE APARTMENT and EXODUS would mark the beginning of a huge theatrical trademark sound, forever changing the American music scene.

Seated at their twin Baldwin concert grand pianos, in front of The Ferrante & Teicher Orchestra & Chorus, “The Movie Theme Team” take us on a musical tour through 1970’s Hollywood. Foremost in any of Ferrante & Teicher’s repertoire criteria is the melody. And it is from the beautiful melodies of Michel LeGrand, John Barry, Michael Masser, John Williams, Dave Grussin, etc., that Ferrante & Teicher handpick the musical gems which they choose to immortalize.

The themes chosen for GREAT 1970’S MOTION PICTURE THEMES were culled from Ferrante & Teicher’s very extensive United Artists Records cinema music vault! Working hand in hand with their producer Dr. George Butler, “Piano’s Gold Dust Twins” perform for us, the listener, musical interpretations that fondly recall our memorable “visual” images of the silver screen. From the forever haunting strains of SUMMER OF ’42 and LADY SINGS THE BLUES to the driving rhythmic pulse of SHAFT and A CLOCKWORK ORGANGE Ferrante & Teicher’s mind images are attested to as they create their magical arrangements. Ferrante & Teicher generously share with us their God-given gift — letting us HEAR what only they can SEE.

Under the direction of Dr. George Butler, only the finest and most capable of session instrument players are assembled with The Ferrante & Teicher Orchestra & Chorus for special colorization of the music. Acoustic guitar effects by the incomparable Vinnie Bell enhance EVERYTHING YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX…. The atherial voice of Lois Winter breathes the forlorn majesty that immortalized the life of Billie Holiday in LADY SINGS THE BLUES. New fans — via the Ultra Lounge scene — will especially appreciate HEAVEN CAN WAIT. Ferrante & Teicher literally pull out all stops recreating their now-famous PREPARED PIANO sound, altering the natural piano sound with rubber wedges, mutes, string strums and piano laiden metal strips!!

And let’s not forget the world’s greatest popular pianists — Ferrante & Teicher!! The sheer power and total control of Art Ferrante and Lou Teicher’s hands negates infinitely the title mistakenly bestowed up these “instrumentals” as easy listening! Each of these command performances IS a Ferrante & Teicher theatrical production! The gold bricks at Fort Knox set the standards of our economy and the golden touch in their hands set the standards of our music. But unlike the Fort Knox hoard, their solid gold style is available to us all!

Ferrante & Teicher created and achieved their own niche in American musical history. Their rich legacy has not only inspired many of today’s biggest music stars, but has also earned them a lofty perch among history’s greatest entertainers — on record and in concert halls. “The Ferrante & Teicher Studio Tours” experience now proudly begins with GREAT 1970’S MOTION PICTURE THEMES.